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Monday, January 3, 2011

Pushing 40 with gusto!

Being 38 is knowing I am 2 years from the big 40, and as I approach, I feel excited. I remember when Madonna (back when I still swooned at her awesomosity) turned 40 and it redefined how I thought about aging. If that was 40, that is where I wanted to be! Not at that moment, I was glad to take my alloted time to get there, but I saw and still see it as a point of arrival.

I'll probably be married (check)
have kids (check)
know what I want to do with my life (check)
and be a lot more confident (check!)

Now I feel as if I have two more years to fine tune myself for my arrival at 40, Look at me, I can do anything and I don't worry what you might think! I may be even closer to my ultimate goal of becoming a craft superhero. I think I'm doing pretty good so far. So here is a photo of me tonight, on my 38th Birthday, no touch ups, no makeup, not much sleep, and no apologies. What you see is what you get and I like what I see and where I am headed. Everyone have a great day and a Great 11!


  1. I hear you, girl...I'm turning 40 in 3.5 months. I am having a really awesome midlife crisis because of it, though. I started taking yoga classes, I'm going to learn how to ride a motorcycle this year, and I'm going skydiving on my birthday! If I have any money left over after all that, there may be a special 40th birthday tattoo involved, too.

    My aging role model has always been Kim Gordon.

  2. Wow! Yoga, sure. Tattoo, definitely. Motorcycle and skydiving??? H to the capital N! Ha Ha! I have switched aging camps also. For the last ten or so years, I watch and see how Gwynneth is doing, since we are the same age. She's on a big upswing right now, so I'd better up my game! At least I married a rockstar too, and I don't have that embarrasing past with Brad Pitt. ;)