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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Fashion Education

For my Birthday, my Brother called me to tell me he was giving me the gift of Education. His gift included a twenty minute informative schpiel on the amazing world he has discovered on iTunesU. College courses, for free! He is more of the finance and real estate type, unless there are classes on deep sea fishing or something, but I decided to delve into the offerings they might have in the world of fashion and dressmaking. See about putting that new dressmaking form to some good use.

I ended up watching an hour guest lecture at California College of the Arts by a woman who started out upcycling t shirts (um...that's me!) and turned it into a cottage industry selling to Barney's, Fred Segal... among other big dogs with items in the $100-$4000 range. (that is NOT me! ...yet, he he he:) She was amazing and informative, talking about her business, her philosophy and her life, and she was about the most charming thing ever. I was so inspired I was actually taking notes.

Lo and behold, she is actually based right here in Sweet Home Alabama. Their items are "grown and sewn in the USA." Watching her share her passion as if it was just the most ordinary thing gave me a real moment of understanding that if you really know who you are, anything is possible.

The woman's name is Natalie Chanin and her company is Alabama Chanin.
To see this amazing handiwork (100% of her items are done by hand, no machines) check out her website here: AlabamaChanin.com

Please share if there have been any pieces of inspiration crossing your path lately!

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