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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Poly-Fil Hearts Me!

Oh the Christmas Spirit of giving has flitted down and surprised little ole me! For those of you who remember (or you can go back through my blog archives), when I first moved here, I had a heck of a time tracking down poly-fil. I have many posts about my trials and tribulations trying to aquire the stuff in bulk. For the "stuff" (<----ha ha, get it?) I make, I need Polyfil by the boatload. Stuffed Robots, Stuffed Stars, Stuffed Skunks, Giant Robot Pillows, these things take Poly-Fil and lots of it!!! And there really is no substitute, and No, I can't buy the little bags, I would need a bag per project, I usually make items in an assembly line of 20. So the giant box, that's for me!

So imagine my surprise when I recieved a blog comment on an old post, The Great PolyFil Inside Joke from a Poly Fil rep! They asked for my personal info, which I emailed without any fears or hangups of being put on some consumer email/snail mail listapalooza. And then I promptly forgot about it. (I have no idea what could have distracted me the last couple months? Hold on, the baby's crying...)

So guess what? I got a ten pound box of Poly Fil for Christmas! A Big, Giant, Snowy, Fluffy, Box of Good Karma delivered right to me!!! Do you know how much Poly-Fil you get for ten pounds? The stuff weighs air, so I am set for production of some Stuff! I need desperately to make more Stars, but I am pretty well stocked for now on Robots and Skunks. Any ideas? I have been "toying" (<-----ha! I kill me!) with a few options, like, Trucks, and maybe Unicorns, but that could get tricky, so maybe not Unicorns, maybe some Rainbows? Clouds? Lightening Bolts? None of these are sticking as things I want to make, (Well, the trucks sounds fun...) Lemme know what you think, I usually get good ideas from special order requests. (You do not have to order to play!)
Oh, now I really do have to go, the small one needs this and the big one needs that... Merry Merry Merry! :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Made a baby and I'm back!

My sweet sweet little Lorelei is 3 weeks old today. I have completely neglected my blog, as well as minor things like showering and sleeping. I steal this moment to pull out the laptop while she sleeps (briefly!) and Daddy gives Lincoln a tubby. So I probably have about ten minutes before the yelling for Mommy commences! Aaaaah! Break time!

I have done a few special projects since my absence from blogging, so I'll keep this short in words and throw in some pictures. Last I left off, I posted pics of the cute little red overalls I made for Lorelei's coming home outfit. She of course, looks adorable in it.

Since then I have done two projects, ambitious considering my new current lifestyle, Milk Mom and Toddler Chaser. (and Diaper Changer, oh the diapers!)

Here is a custom order for a large version of my loveable robot that someone ordered on etsy. They were throwing their sister in law a Robot Baby Shower! How awesome is that? Here he is, in the color scheme she wanted with a personalized message on the back. To get it shipped out in time, I made it the night before I went into the hospital! Nick of time, eh?

Next, I recieved an urgent message on my Mommy Club's message boards calling out to all crafters. "Help! Need a custom Tshirt for my kid's first Bday by Wednesday! The theme is monkeys, the colors are yellow and brown." I replied that I was on it! And here is what I made: (Lastnight, today is Wednesday!)

I guess what I am trying to say is that I like custom orders, I like them alot, and the shorter the deadline the better, I am going to do it at the last minute anyway! I am going to have to get on making a stocking for Lorelei, here is my set so far that I made the family last year. Now I get to make a Girl One!!!

So Happy Holidays Bloggers, Crafters and Friends!