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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Here is my finished project for my high school reunion auction. (20 years, EGADS!) I was always trying so hard to be one of those students who was too cool to have school pride. (No, I didn't make cheerleading) Yet, I didn't have the guts to actually hang out with the smoking section kids (I wasn't nearly that cool.) I floated somewhere in between.
Yet, when approached about making an item for our auction, I swelled with pride as I designed this cardinal, complete with our graduation year on a deck of cards (another image our yearbook staff used to have fun with.) With my perfect vision hindsight, I must admit: I am proud to be a Jacksonville Cardinal. Super Proud!



You can buy this item or one of my yellow submarines at our auction page here. If they sell out, I will be making more to put on my etsy site, just add a message or convo me!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Cardinals and Submarines

I am DEEEEEEEP in procrastination mode with a project I promised a month or so ago. my high school reunion is having our (20th) reunion this summer, and they are doing a fundraiser, for which I am donating a Yellow Submarine..(The absolute most time consuming item in my shop, made to order) and a red cardinal with the year 1991 on it, which I have yet to design, but must look awesome.

I went fabric shopping (oh, 2 weeks ago?) and came up nil, deciding I had what I needed at home. (Ok, I did pick up some on sale fabric and recover a bench seat, since that was much more prudent use of my time.) Today, I am finally gathering my supplies and cutting out submarine pieces. Right after a quick. blog. break...