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Monday, February 15, 2010

Blogging for Breakfast

Spirit Helpers etsy shop

My idea was that I could blog while my son eats breakfast in his highchair after feeding the newborn. Instead, I got lost on etsy for awhile, and moved the laptop to the couch while son watches Spongebob and baby girl (hopefully!) continues to sleep until I am done!

Ooh the crafting has taken a backseat since the arrival of Miss Princess, and when I do dust off the machine, surprise surprise! I am doing something for her! I tried to blog from my iphone, but that was kindof a bust. I'll just have to recommit to blogging in my windows of opportunity, dishes be damned!

My latest project was making some curtains for baby girl's nursery. I got the deal of the century at Hancock fabric, I wasn't even looking for curtains, but I knew I wanted her nursery to be a woodland theme with sage, tan, and touches of pink. The heavenly rays of light shone upon a picnic plaid fabric symphony of those colors, in draperies, for $3 a yard. marked down from 12.99! I got enough for floor to ceiling curtains and some extra for less than the price of a yard! SCORE! Curtains are done, and quite lovely, and the leftover fabric will be used to recover my son's blue and brown crib bumper. (It had stars, of course!)
Then I decided that it was time for some clearance. I had some funds stashed in my Paypal account from Christmas sales, and by clearance I mean I used it to clear out the favorites I had marked for baby girl's nursery over the past couple months. Then I bought the most precious handmade looking rug from Target, (I am SORRY handmade pledge, but it was on sale and coordinated like a dream!) and a bluebird night light, (also on sale, handmade pledge, I am WEAK!)

OH my Gosh, I switched the TV to lastnight's iceskating pairs and my kid is trying to do the moves, hysterical! (He's almost two)

Allright, back to blogging.

I thought I would plug all those hard working etsyians who made the adorable items I bought, so here are some pictures and links to all of your woodland dreams and heart's desires! Enjoy! And bloggy buddies, oh how I have missed you!