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Friday, January 22, 2010

So famous

I had to turn this into a blog post. Just had to. While I was facebooking my face off, which is something I do often because it's easy to do from my iphone while I am sitting and feeding my newborn, a friend of mine made an interesting post on my wall.

"Is that your robot on the etsy facebook page wall? It sure looks like yours!" She asked. I immediately investigated.

Yes! Right there on the wall for all 90,368 fans to see was a post FROM ETSY asking people to post their favorite searches. As an example, they had searched robot plush, and from there chose my little ole robot to use for the picture! And I wasn't even a "fan" of the etsy page yet! (I remedied this oversight immediately!) Check it out right HERE!

I had done nothing to "campaign" for this mention, the only thing I had done was last week renew about five or ten expired listings bringing my humble shop offerings up to 18! I didn't renew to get exposure even, I just hadn't sold those items and time ran out, I am trying to get all my current inventory up because I am about to start a whole new batch of goodies. After I make my daughter's curtains.

I know that many of you think that a mere facebook wall post mention is pretty small potatoes, and I guess well, in the GRAND scheme, it is. But for me, my dreams of becoming a Craft Superhero are coming to fruition! I feel like Steve Martin finding his name in the phonebook in the JERK, I am somebody! I'm famous! I have never been able to put a nifty "as seen on the front page of etsy" badge on my anything. I have never been in a treasury, (I don't think? How would I know?) The only other time a picture of my goods has been used was for my own posts here or on facebook or twitter pointing to my blog. OK, once I was on a website where they had a picture from every vendor for a craft fair I did, but yknow.

This time, I was PICKED by someone who works at ETSY to feature on the WALL of their facebook fan page! To me this small thing was a HUGE FREAKING DEAL! I blasted obnoxious all caps posts on my friends and my own wall bragging about my good fortune, I saw my "hearted item" go up ten people in a few hours! I might even make a sale from all this industry buzz!

Ok I am done hyperventilating, and thanks for reading. I added to the wall post that my favorite search lately has been "woodland creatures." Hey, but if any of you bloggers out there feel like it, feel free to search robot plush on etsy anytime!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Quick post!

Wow, it's been awhile! My daughter just turned two months old yesterday, and while she and her brother are being quite spoiled, my poor little blog (and the dog!) have been poorly neglected! And I have lots to say!

I sold all but one of my stars on etsy and my stock is pretty low! I have to get photos up of my remaining inventory, however sparse!

I took advantage of a huge sale at Hancock and came out with a years supply of fleece in many colors. I plan on adding some new friends to the line. Of course, I have to stop breastfeeding long enough to actually do something with the sewing machine, and I also bought some curtain fabric for baby girl's room, so guess what I'm making first?

I did get around to a crazy thorough reorganization of my craft supplies, as well as my vanity, closet, and bathroom. They now all have seperate jobs! My closet could be a Real Simple cover story! (because I like to clean things no one will see)

long story short, I have done all the procrastinating possible and am so ready to sew! Hopefully I'll be blogging more, I never have time to get out the laptop, so this is from my phone while I feed that hungry baby! I may have to get used to phone blogging.

Blog you later!!!