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Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Project Completed!

Look what I made!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Red Curduroy Coming Homeveralls

Hi Everyone!

Been laying low, actually, been laying upright, low is pretty uncomfortable with this bowling ball pinning me down. I have been resting up and not leaving the house much as I finish this elephant gestation out as best I can. Almost 42 weeks now.. (Men and never been mamas, that is 10 1/2 months)

So I have been crafting a little more since I have been housebound and my back is so much better rested. The sewing machine has been in action! This post is dedicated to my soon to be arrival. With my son, who is now 1 1/2, I made him a going home outfit from the hospital. I didn't find out the sex, so I made a cocoa brown onesie, and a friend brought me some really cute socks in the hospital that look just like little chuck taylors. They are made by trumpette, and are the best socks in all the world.

So he was a boy, and he wore his little red chuck socks with his brown onesie and a white hat and white mittens for his fingernails. Very Very cute.

Now this one is also a mystery baby, so I decided as I was watching "Olivia" with my little guy that red overalls would be so cute on a little girl, and also be unisex enough for a boy. I got a large wale corduroy in a bright red and I followed a Burda Pattern that is falling apart because I have made so many of these overalls and dresses and pants in every size. The pattern runs a little large and the smallest size is a 3 month, so I did the best I could shrinking it down. I made some swirly whirly designs on the kneepatches, and voila! A new coming home outfit for the new baby, appropriate for the colder weather.

I will either put the brown onesie or a

white kimono top I sewed a yellow star onto underneath, with of course a really cute pair of socks! Enjoy the pics, and PLEASE if anyone has any getting-a-baby-out mojo out there, send it my way!!!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

This post is unrelated to all things etsy-sales and craft-career oriented, but it is definitely related to getting the creative crafty juices going!

First of all, my one and a half year old has four meals a day, and his three o'clock meal is Peanut Butter Jelly Time. It even has a song, Yummity Yum! And he eats it with gusto!

Here's the recipe:
(all 365, Whole Foods' House brand)
Birdland's Best Bread, one slice
Organic Peanut Buter on half
Organic Conserve on the other (he likes the Mixed Berry)
Assemble, cut into squares and place over the design on his favorite plate.

Well, He didn't have a plate, he just ate it off the highchair tray. Until my Mommy group had a meetup at the local painting spot, Painted By U, one of those pottery places where you pick a piece and paint it, then they fire it for you.

Ok, I was apprehensive, even a little snobby, about going. I didn't think it was something a "real" crafter would do, it seemed like an instant fix for people who are NOT crafty to get their ya-yas out. What a jerky attitude! I had so much fun and have already booked another session. We sat and chatted about gossip and tv while painting away at our selected pieces. I highly recommend it to any of you out there. It brought my inner Craft Nerd right to the top.

It was a little bit pricey, but you get a permanent keepsake, so I think worth it. And well, I will let the plate speak for itself here...

If you think it's just ok, allright kindof cute, just imagine the first time I showed it to my little guy. He smiled so big and when I covered the face with the sandwich pieces, he never ate it so fast. As soon as he cleared it off, stuffed cheeks and all, he picked up the plate and started kissing the face.

Yeah that's right everybody, Awwwwww! He know's just how to melt his Mommy's heart!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Good Karma in Giveaways

I wanted to mention some crafty friends this blog, so here goes.

Firstly, I have some really nice Mommy friends that I met in my Mommy group who run a fabulous blog, Birmingham Mommy.

They were so nice as to take a few of my items to raffle off and hand out my business cards at a local event which I was too pregnant to attend and get a table for. It was a big Mom run business event here in Birmingham that apparently went really well! So please visit their blog and tell them Stars and Robots says "Hi." The link will take you to the article about the event, so please feel free to cruise around and look at their other newer posts.

When I dropped off my bag o goodies for them to take, I left them on a porch with no note, and I had included a very pretty plate that I use to put my business cards on. I got it from another crafter in a trade at a Market I used to do in Charleston. I wanted to make sure that it wasn't accidentally raffled off with the other stuff, so I sent an email and included the link to a similar item made by

BlameJanetics. Great shop, isn't it? My plate is orange, this green one is a real show stopper too though isn't it? Melting recycled glass is pretty exciting to me, since I have no idea how it's done, the mysterious science of it all evokes images of Gargamel and his cat trying to turn Smurfs into gold.

So those are my plugs to my good crafty friends today, I hope you all enjoy looking at their neato stuffs. And it seems that donating two small items to raffle for shameless local plugs really paid off in Karma, I made a sale for 5 items immediately afterward! Gotta Love that!

Teaser for next blogs: be on the lookout for "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" and "new baby Overalls"
Oh! And a funny joke!!!! Are you ready? Today is my due date! Ha Ha Ha Ha! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

I never thought I'd be eager for Halloween to pass...

Halloween, like for many crafters, has been my all time favorite Holiday. I have always taken great pride in creating my costume, and was always the one whose closets and trunks were raided to throw together anyone elses's costumes. I still have at least ten adult costumes I can throw together at a moment's notice, two baby/kid costumes, and about 7 dog costumes. I will continually throw one together from scratch regardless of my inventory, but I always hope someone out there will need to borrow something so I can air it out for the current year.

This year, as you may have seen in previous posts, I made a family of red superhero capes and gold lame belts. We dressed up four times! Sloss Furnaces Family Fun day, Boo at the Zoo, The Mom's League of Birmingham Halloween Party, and Trick or Treating at Whole Foods. Each event consisted of me in a cape chasing a one and a half year old, much energized by his cape. Chase, chase, lift. Chase chase lift. Each time followed by two days of couch to rest my pregnant, pregnant back. I am so pregnant, I needed a spare mini cape ready, just in case. So when trick or treating night, the ACTUAL Halloween came along, I looked at my kid, realized that not only does he not eat candy, but he has no idea it's Halloween and could care less if I threw him back into his pair of black tights and cape. So we picked up way too much candy at the drugstore and commenced staying in and avoiding the whole ordeal except for handing out candy to the six kids who showed up at our door. Yeah, I have a stomachache from all the candy.

My point is that even though I live for Halloween and dressing up, sometimes, you just have to recognize your limits and throw in the towel. I got the family in some pictures, the costumes were well worn in, and the memories are intact as far as the kid knows. So, success, right? Maybe next year I will not be pregnant. I doubt at 2 1/2, my kid will let me slide so easily!

It is November, and now I sleep. Oh, except for that having a baby part, I'm due in 2 days. So, sleep today, then never again I guess! I send a very special shout out to LaZBoy for my new chair. It was a really good sale and I am currently very happy in all regions relating to my back.
Happy November everyone!