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Monday, November 2, 2009

I never thought I'd be eager for Halloween to pass...

Halloween, like for many crafters, has been my all time favorite Holiday. I have always taken great pride in creating my costume, and was always the one whose closets and trunks were raided to throw together anyone elses's costumes. I still have at least ten adult costumes I can throw together at a moment's notice, two baby/kid costumes, and about 7 dog costumes. I will continually throw one together from scratch regardless of my inventory, but I always hope someone out there will need to borrow something so I can air it out for the current year.

This year, as you may have seen in previous posts, I made a family of red superhero capes and gold lame belts. We dressed up four times! Sloss Furnaces Family Fun day, Boo at the Zoo, The Mom's League of Birmingham Halloween Party, and Trick or Treating at Whole Foods. Each event consisted of me in a cape chasing a one and a half year old, much energized by his cape. Chase, chase, lift. Chase chase lift. Each time followed by two days of couch to rest my pregnant, pregnant back. I am so pregnant, I needed a spare mini cape ready, just in case. So when trick or treating night, the ACTUAL Halloween came along, I looked at my kid, realized that not only does he not eat candy, but he has no idea it's Halloween and could care less if I threw him back into his pair of black tights and cape. So we picked up way too much candy at the drugstore and commenced staying in and avoiding the whole ordeal except for handing out candy to the six kids who showed up at our door. Yeah, I have a stomachache from all the candy.

My point is that even though I live for Halloween and dressing up, sometimes, you just have to recognize your limits and throw in the towel. I got the family in some pictures, the costumes were well worn in, and the memories are intact as far as the kid knows. So, success, right? Maybe next year I will not be pregnant. I doubt at 2 1/2, my kid will let me slide so easily!

It is November, and now I sleep. Oh, except for that having a baby part, I'm due in 2 days. So, sleep today, then never again I guess! I send a very special shout out to LaZBoy for my new chair. It was a really good sale and I am currently very happy in all regions relating to my back.
Happy November everyone!


  1. I make the kids' costumes too, but due to my poor craftsmanship they only hold up for one wear!

  2. Ah, you dressed up thirty times, your baby had a great time, and you gave candy to some adventurous children. Sounds like you went above and beyond to me. Take care, and let us know about the new little one, okay? I've been thinking about you.