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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shop reopened!

Ahhh! It feels so good to have a little gusto back. My back is not so sore, and I have been reinvigorated with energy for crafting, yay! (Ok, haven't officially "crafted" since making my beanbags the other night, but I have nonetheless been productive!)

Firstly, I don't have my stock back yet from Skunk Fest, but I had a few items on top of my cd rack that I had not yet listed, so all five went up on my etsy site today, and when I get the rest of my stock back, I will begin adding the remaining peices. I swear I will get all my stock on etsy, I have never accomplished this feat, but I am getting better at the shooting photos, loading, editing, and listing. It is so overwhelming at first, but I've got a rythm to it now. So that is my big etsy goal. Once every item is officially listed, I will actually start producing more items! How exciting is that?

I also "got my craft back on" on my favorite networking site, My Craft Corner. It is kind of like a facebook for etsians and other crafters. Great support network and growing so fast, so I started a thread seeing if everyone was into using MCC as a tag for their items, and it seems so far like a hit of an idea, and I have already tagged my items with it. That is a good thing. Ad look at me now! BLOGGING! Whooo! I also gave out a bunch of my brand spanking new business cards to a bunch of Mommies in my Mommy group. More on them later, they have a cool blog I'll talk about in another post soon.

Allrighty. I just got home from a trip to LaZBoy and purchased a new chair for nursing, a must, especially if I end up with another dreaded Csection. (My Dr appointment this morning showed absolutely no promise of an on time delivery!)

wowwee Zowee, I am pooped, but very excited about all the new stuff in the crisp cool Fall air! Enjoy the changes the season brings to you!


  1. Those bots all lined up make an adorable little army. Glad you're feeling a little bit better.