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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I've been tagged by a blogger! yeah!

I am slow to blog these days, I'll go ahead and fall back on the "I'm just so pregnant" auto response I have been so dependant upon these past few weeks.

MAB jewelry has tagged me for a blog post, and declared that I have an over the top blog! I've won a major award! The trick is that I have to answer the following questions with one word answers, and then tag others to spread the joy. So, here we go.

Wait a SEC! Did that say ONE word answers? This is going to be a challenge!

1 Where is your cell phone? toddler
2 Your hair? wonky
3 Your mother? Vegas
4 Your father? Hawaii
5 Your Favorite food? Pineapple
6 Your dream last night? Inappropriate
7 Your favorite drink? Peppermint
8 Your dream/goal? CraftHero
9 What room are you in? couch
10 Your hobby? robots
11 Your fear? epidural
12 Where do you want to be in six years? done breeding!
13 Where were you last night? Birthclass
14 Something that you aren't? quiet
15 Muffins? English
16 Wish list item? Dressform
17 Where did you grow up? Earth!
18 Last thing you did? cuddle
19 What are you wearing? maternity
20 Your TV? Yo Gabba Gabba
21 Your pets? Bella
22 Friends? Lots!
23 Your life? Full
24 Your mood? Pregnant
25 Missing someone? nope!
26 Vehicle? Mommobile!
27 Something you're not wearing? bikini
28 Your favorite store? WholeFoods
29 Your favorite color? Orange
30 When was the last time you laughed? Today
31 Last time you cried? Pregnant!
32 Your best friend? Awesome
33 One place that I go over and over? JoannFabric
34 One person who Emails you regularly? facebook
35 Favorite place to eat? Home!

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