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Saturday, October 3, 2009


I was putting off blogging today since I could not think of how I have done anything to help my crafting out, and this is quickly turning into a Mommy/Pregnancy blog!

But I DID do something today! It only took a sec, though. I ordered new business cards for my etsy biz through VistaPrint. It was crazy, crazy cheap. I got 1500 cards, some address labels and a personalized post-its pad for $30 bucks. Here is the photo I used for the design

You will have to weed through many special offers, but you'll survive. It was very quick and easy. I chose the super slow shipping of 11 days. I have found that the slowest shipping is still faster than they say it will be most of the time, and if it takes 11 days, I will certainly survive. Plus, I just bought new ink cartridges, so if I need to print a few at home to hold me over, I can.

Also, I made an etsy purchase today. (Putting the etsy Karma out there never hurts!) I am a huge fan of mineral makeup, I started out with Bare Minerals, but this girl makes it herself and it ends up being around 8 bucks cheaper. For those of you who haven't tried it out yet, mineral makeup stays put and looks like you have been airbrushed but aren't wearing any makeup. It saved my sanity my first pregnancy and I still rely on it to make me feel pretty without a mask!

Speaking of feeling pretty, when did I get this huge? I went to the Botanical Gardens today with my in laws and the boy, and whoah! Is that me in that picture? I didn't look like that last week! It was one of those reality checks. I thought I was looking great, but the picture don't lie! It's right here... Oh wait, I must have done something during the download, I can't seem to find it.. Sorry! Guess I can't share afterall. Shucks, and I was so looking forward to you all seeing me in my fullest 9 month pregnant glory! :)

Lessons learned today?

  1. Pregnancy clothes you bought a month ago will no longer fit in the final countdown.

  2. Vistaprint has great deals on business cards

  3. Shop at etsy.com

Nuff said, have a great night!


  1. I love me some Bare Minerals. I don't wear anything else, and their lip gloss is the best. Let me know how the etsy stuff works out, okay? Oh, and I love Vista Prints too. Maybe we are sisters. Hang in there with the pregnancy. We've reached the final countdown!

  2. Ooh, I have always wanted to try the lipgloss! I have already used the stuff from etsy once, It works exactly the same. Her site is a little confusing finding the size and color, the "large" I think is the $14-15 range one.
    Can't wait to get my bodsy back to myself, but then again, its a lot easier to take care of a baby inside than outside!

  3. Hey, I tagged you. If you're in labor, you're excused though.