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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Red Curduroy Coming Homeveralls

Hi Everyone!

Been laying low, actually, been laying upright, low is pretty uncomfortable with this bowling ball pinning me down. I have been resting up and not leaving the house much as I finish this elephant gestation out as best I can. Almost 42 weeks now.. (Men and never been mamas, that is 10 1/2 months)

So I have been crafting a little more since I have been housebound and my back is so much better rested. The sewing machine has been in action! This post is dedicated to my soon to be arrival. With my son, who is now 1 1/2, I made him a going home outfit from the hospital. I didn't find out the sex, so I made a cocoa brown onesie, and a friend brought me some really cute socks in the hospital that look just like little chuck taylors. They are made by trumpette, and are the best socks in all the world.

So he was a boy, and he wore his little red chuck socks with his brown onesie and a white hat and white mittens for his fingernails. Very Very cute.

Now this one is also a mystery baby, so I decided as I was watching "Olivia" with my little guy that red overalls would be so cute on a little girl, and also be unisex enough for a boy. I got a large wale corduroy in a bright red and I followed a Burda Pattern that is falling apart because I have made so many of these overalls and dresses and pants in every size. The pattern runs a little large and the smallest size is a 3 month, so I did the best I could shrinking it down. I made some swirly whirly designs on the kneepatches, and voila! A new coming home outfit for the new baby, appropriate for the colder weather.

I will either put the brown onesie or a

white kimono top I sewed a yellow star onto underneath, with of course a really cute pair of socks! Enjoy the pics, and PLEASE if anyone has any getting-a-baby-out mojo out there, send it my way!!!!!


  1. Oh, tell that baby to come on already! Glad you are well and sewing.

  2. thanks yall! I can't wait to see this little bundle! Soon! I have given it a deadline of Mon the 23rd before I have it removed by force! We will see what my Dr says!