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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Good Karma in Giveaways

I wanted to mention some crafty friends this blog, so here goes.

Firstly, I have some really nice Mommy friends that I met in my Mommy group who run a fabulous blog, Birmingham Mommy.

They were so nice as to take a few of my items to raffle off and hand out my business cards at a local event which I was too pregnant to attend and get a table for. It was a big Mom run business event here in Birmingham that apparently went really well! So please visit their blog and tell them Stars and Robots says "Hi." The link will take you to the article about the event, so please feel free to cruise around and look at their other newer posts.

When I dropped off my bag o goodies for them to take, I left them on a porch with no note, and I had included a very pretty plate that I use to put my business cards on. I got it from another crafter in a trade at a Market I used to do in Charleston. I wanted to make sure that it wasn't accidentally raffled off with the other stuff, so I sent an email and included the link to a similar item made by

BlameJanetics. Great shop, isn't it? My plate is orange, this green one is a real show stopper too though isn't it? Melting recycled glass is pretty exciting to me, since I have no idea how it's done, the mysterious science of it all evokes images of Gargamel and his cat trying to turn Smurfs into gold.

So those are my plugs to my good crafty friends today, I hope you all enjoy looking at their neato stuffs. And it seems that donating two small items to raffle for shameless local plugs really paid off in Karma, I made a sale for 5 items immediately afterward! Gotta Love that!

Teaser for next blogs: be on the lookout for "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" and "new baby Overalls"
Oh! And a funny joke!!!! Are you ready? Today is my due date! Ha Ha Ha Ha! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!

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  1. Thinking good baby thoughts for you today, as I have been for the past few weeks!