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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Made a baby and I'm back!

My sweet sweet little Lorelei is 3 weeks old today. I have completely neglected my blog, as well as minor things like showering and sleeping. I steal this moment to pull out the laptop while she sleeps (briefly!) and Daddy gives Lincoln a tubby. So I probably have about ten minutes before the yelling for Mommy commences! Aaaaah! Break time!

I have done a few special projects since my absence from blogging, so I'll keep this short in words and throw in some pictures. Last I left off, I posted pics of the cute little red overalls I made for Lorelei's coming home outfit. She of course, looks adorable in it.

Since then I have done two projects, ambitious considering my new current lifestyle, Milk Mom and Toddler Chaser. (and Diaper Changer, oh the diapers!)

Here is a custom order for a large version of my loveable robot that someone ordered on etsy. They were throwing their sister in law a Robot Baby Shower! How awesome is that? Here he is, in the color scheme she wanted with a personalized message on the back. To get it shipped out in time, I made it the night before I went into the hospital! Nick of time, eh?

Next, I recieved an urgent message on my Mommy Club's message boards calling out to all crafters. "Help! Need a custom Tshirt for my kid's first Bday by Wednesday! The theme is monkeys, the colors are yellow and brown." I replied that I was on it! And here is what I made: (Lastnight, today is Wednesday!)

I guess what I am trying to say is that I like custom orders, I like them alot, and the shorter the deadline the better, I am going to do it at the last minute anyway! I am going to have to get on making a stocking for Lorelei, here is my set so far that I made the family last year. Now I get to make a Girl One!!!

So Happy Holidays Bloggers, Crafters and Friends!


  1. You are amazing, and Lorelei is the most beautiful name. Congratulations again.

  2. thanks! i made an etsy sale today, too! to Australia, woooo!
    I have really got to post some new items!

  3. the shirt is AMAZING! I will be sure to get pics of him with the shirt. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I cant thank you enough!

  4. Clearly you are busy. Lorelei is gorgeous (love the name!). However, August (aka tubbs) has all but grown out of his 12 month robot t-shirt and would like some in larger sizes. They are a must have for every stylish boy's wardrobe. Whenever you are able to get around to it. You make 'em, we'll buy 'em.

  5. Yay! I'll go out and find some t shirts, might be after the holidays, getting out with both is HARD right now, but I'm doing it! I love the name August, too, don't Lorelei and August sound great together? ;) I totally get how some cultures do arranged marriages.

  6. I love the monkey shirt! Baby Sanderson is coming soon, and I'm planning on gifting him with a robot shirt. Shhhhh...don't tell Melissa :-)

  7. Eeeeet! I am going to have to go on a robot tee making frenzy! Can't think of anything more fun! :)