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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My First Purse

Here's a quick project if you need to sew a gift for a little girl. My friend has two little girls who have the same birthday, and turned 2 and 4. I had just made them some cute tutus for Christmas, and didn't really have time to hit the fabric store, so I used the materials I had on hand to make some super quick little purses. I love fleece and usually have a ton of it on hand in every color! It is a fantastic fabric for the beginning sewer or for an easy project. No hemming, bright colors, cozy, washable, etc... Go getcha some fleece.

Here are the purses, I just freehanded the shape and cut it double per purse, then made a long oval shape to be the band across the bottom and sides. I cut out a flower shape, then a circle for the center. I only sewed the circle down so that the flower would be floppy. Then I cut leaves and sewed them on down the center to make a vein. Sewed the pieces together, made a strap, and viola! instant little girl 'satisfashion!' I filled them with stickers, so the purses were pretty much instantly tossed aside as everyone in the house (including the dogs) was directly embellished in fairies, princesses, and hamsters holding hearts. Thank Heaven for Little Girls!

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