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Friday, January 21, 2011

The last of the jacket, or "Last Jacket Standing"

One more post, and I will stop it with the jacket already. The awesomeness that is my upcycled futon cover, denim Aztec and/or Navajo-printed, biker jacket of greatness made it's debut lastnight at the Stardome Comedy club.

I went out with another couple for a long overdue date night to see the Comediennes of Chelsea Lately: Loni Love and Natasha Legerro. (Yeaaaahhh!!!) First, when we arrived I told them that I already had reservations for a table, but they bumped us up to the very front row, right at the stage! Of course, it must have been due to them wanting only quite fashionable people in the front row, like at Fashion Week. See, my jacket has magical powers, already opening doors.

Then, after the MC opened the show, there was another comedian opening for the girls: one Roy Wood Jr., of the Birmingham Wood Jrs. Maybe you have seen him on the television, almost winning last Comic Standing. I was totally starstruck, I was a huge fan of him on the show, so just because I decided to wear my multicolored jacket of questionable fabric descent with it's magic making abilities, we get another A-List comic on the bill! (You're welcome, sold out house.)

As if that were not enough, when we leave the theatre after the absolute best comedy show I have ever seen, there stands Roy, looking dapper in his off the rack jacket. My friend Vicky and I, neither of us wallflowers, go right up and slime our super-fanness all over him, right in front of our husbands. I am sure we looked amazing. And what did he do? Offered us tickets to his show the next time he is in town! (GO JACKET GO! GO JACKET GO!) then we became friends on facebook, because obviously, we are now thick as thieves as he probably never gets fans coming up to him and talking his ear off after a show, going on and on about how fun it is to be out without the kids. Honestly, the excitement was almost unbearable, surely for all parties involved.

I have to give a shout out to the ladies as well, since they were so amazingly funny. Natasha was wearing a fabulous ensemble she described perfectly as "a homeless person that robbed a rich person." So obviously, her aesthetic is right on the money. She had a great bit about how her family said "You know Tasha, you used to talk like us too," to which she replied, "Don't you know who I think I am?" Love her. She was hysterical and my husband now has a new #1 celebrity crush, because he has great taste, naturally.

Loni Love. I have to pause and close my eyes for a second. Ok. She was perhaps the funniest woman I have ever heard on the face of this earth. Her impression of "George Washington: Gangster" had me needing a change of underpants. Not only was she ridiculously funny, but she had a real warm uplifing and inspirational tone. She told us all that anything was possible and to go out and do your dream, it can happen; in a way that only Loni Love could. I was already a huge fan, but I got all deep about it, knowing she was talking about me and my jacket and if I keep up the good work, I can be on Project Runway one day.

All in all, a fantastic night out, me and my jacket. I do have to concede to the rationality that as it is true that they seat the most FASHIONABLE people in the front row at a FASHION show, I was actually at a COMEDY show. That's okay with me. If my jacket wants to get me front row seats, it will take them how it can get them. Here is a horrible picture of me, my friend Vicky, and the magic jacket, framing a great looking picture of Roy Wood Jr. Please go out and support your local comics, bands, artists, and future designers!

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