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Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh Jacket, how deep have I gone?

Here are some more progress shots of my jacket under construction. My Crafty Goddess is feeling small, so small. Not defeated, but rather, like a first year intern who probably gets yelled at a lot. She will pick herself up, stiff upper lip and all as she goes to her tiny abode and eats ramen noodles to a tv with bunny ears. (Can you even still use those?)

In real life, I have a husband feeding me at regular intervals and kids needing things at more regular intervals, so I can give that baby Goddess a pretty good pep talk from the real world I am living in. Obviously I am delirious, but here are some project pictures. The first shot is an extremely cleaned up look at my work station. The fabrics might seem insane, but the gold and leopard are only for the inner lining, a bit of a peekaboo when I take off the jacket. Ha.
A jacket is really the majors. I may not quite be ready for Project Runway auditions, but I am definitely in a good training camp!

So far, I have spent a week cutting out pieces, thread tracing pattern markings, and ironing on stabilizer. Now I get to pull out the sewing machine.

I now have 52 steps of sewing, and I have officially completed step one. So, 51 to go! I hope I finish before it gets warm, but it snowed today, so that's something. Here's to a jacket for this season!


  1. How do you do the thread tracing for pattern markings?

  2. @jaunty Thanks! That is very kind, I try! @anonymous: I just learned the thread trick: instead of tracing/ transfering markings, you go through all layers of the cut pieces at once by using contrasting thread. (For my multicolored Aztec fabric I used a bright yellow thread) You go through the top at the marking (right through the tissue and all layers of pieces) back up and leave slack as a loop to go back through and back up. Then pull the slack taut as you cut between each layer leaving a quarter inch of thread on each side of each fabric piece. I watched a tutorial on iTunesU, which would take me forever to hunt back down. I'll see about posting some pics in my next post!

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