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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jacketo Completo!

I finally finished my jacket, and I think it is pretty awesome. I am trying hard to be humble. I even gave myself a little pep-talk on humility before I wrote this post, but. It really is kind of cute.

I think I am just amazed that I finished, it was a big challenge, and it took a good amount of work. (There I go, I really am gloating.) I sewed on the sleeve cuffs by hand, that was through really thick layers, and they had to be sewn in several 'rounds.' (Ha Ha, get it? I sewed them around and around.) I am a little too deep in the head on this jacket, I've gone looney. I finished sewing on the sleeve cuffs over four hours of tv lastnight, all intent on blogging, but instead I watched "The Fashion Show" and then went to bed. I gotta admit, they didn't do a bad job on that show. It will NEVER replace Project Runway, but it sure beats 'the pants' off of that other PR wannabe show whose title I've already forgotten. Listen to me, I guess I am using a little Ross Matthews humor. (LOVE him! If you twitter, he's a good one: @helloross) You might know him from Chelsea lately, the red carpet, or from Leno as Ross the intern.

Anyways, I am delirious, here's my jacket. I am not a photographer, all my pictures are quickies from my iphone, and I could really have glammed it up a bit with some nicer clothes, a lil powder and some washed hair. The workout clothes are really setting off the look. Nevertheless, it is a denim biker navajo marvel with gold lining. Yes.

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