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Monday, September 28, 2009

Progress report: Checklist!

Review of my unfinshed business lists...

Here is an excerpt from my post on My Craft Corner in response to the thread question: "How many unfinished projects do you have?" Since I wrote it about three weeks ago, I thought I'd check in on my progress. The updates are in green.

Oh gosh, I am definitely not counting the unfinished projects of yore, so only currently unfinished projects!!! That statement still holds

1. my assembly line of skunks, I need more polyfil to stuff the last four and sew them shut. That is the first batch of 11
Oh yeah, as you may have read, I got that darn polyfil this weekend, and today, finshed my 11 skunks at a labor rate of an hour and a half per skunk. Pew! I mean, phew!
2. Start my assembly line of the next 20 skunks
Maybe tomorrow...
3. Finish taking reshoot pictures of my current etsy stuff, then pic and post the rest of my stock that has been finished for awhile.
in progress, slowly but surely!
4. I am working on a maternity blouse, I was going to do each Project Runway challlenge, but I've never made a pattern for clothes, so my Red Carpet (fancy maternity blouse) project turned into my Maternity Challenge project (What are the odds?) let's just go ahead and admit that I won't be participating in the beachwear challenge! The blouse is about halfway done, maybe more.
That one is done and done, I've washed it twice already.
5. Start my "Skunks For Skyla" Campaign. Once I finish the first batch of skunks, and post and pic them, I need to post a shout out on my facebook fan page and do a mass email and post on here and etsy...
Oh dear, need to get on this one since the Skunkfest is mid Oct where they will be sold.
6. Isn't there always something else? Yes, I have since added and finished a curtain project, and have created a Halloween costume project for the whole family. I have materials, and have even gone the extra mile to organize them in a project box with all needed supplies, so ready to be worked on! (Family Costume event Oct 10th!)

Ahhhhh! That feels better. I am really big on lists and crossing things off of those lists. Now if I can just finish these, get out and buy new ink cartridges for the printer, and order some new business cards, I'll almost be ready to come out of October alive and prep for Christmas! And the leftover fabric from the curtains will be perfect to recover that chair...


  1. And aren't you going to have a baby in there somewhere too? Take it easy on yourself, lady!

  2. haha! Yep, due in 5 weeks. Don't worry, it looks like I'm busy on paper, but I get PLENTY of down time! trust me! :)