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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Feeling pretty!

This is my new outfit today (on a model from the website!) Hot stuff, eh?
Well, I am almost done with my fancy schmancy maternity top, it's looking pretty good, although a little pale in comparison with my new maternity shopping spree gooodies! I'm using two very difficult fabrics to put together, a stretch jersey and a slippery silky poly something. I have been feeling very zen with my sewing machine lately.

I couldn't get my book club book at the library yesterday (Time Traveler's Wife) so I went to barnes and Noble. Partly because I didn't want to wait on the list, and partly because I needed a reason to wear some of my new clothes! (guilty as charged!)
I have been pretty maxed out in the brain with everything I am doing to promore my shop, so I have lightnend up a bit. Haven't slowed down, just finding the fun in it, more convos and I seem to be getting a ton of new twitter followers all of a sudden.

Google analytics said I got a lot of hits from My Craft Corner, so I started a group on the site for kid's items. If you make kid's stuff, please come join! It's just another networking site for crafters, everyone mostly talks about etsy and they have contests and a bunch of nice people giving good advice.

Anyhoo, Happy 10th Birthday Blogger!

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