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Friday, September 18, 2009

French Toast and Fanmail

Woopsie, fell asleep before I blogged lastnight! Up too late watching Project Runway of course. And might I add that the Office was fantastic. The whole beginning where the idiot patrol all thought they were city jumpers was classic, brought me to tears. I watch alot of TV, and it interferes with my crafting.

Well I am sitting with my kid at breakfast reminiscing over the craftiness of yesterday. (We are having Banana/Strawberry Bread French Toast, I will be happy to give up the recipe if anyone asks!!) The day of craftiness definitely had its highs for a low productivity day!

I got an etsy convo (that's special secret etsy language for an on site email) from Kathy Cano-Murillo! yes, that's right, the actual Crafty Chica! For those of you not in the crafting community, she is a total Craft Rock Star, super duper famous! I had recently sent her a "fanmail" convo with some pictures thanking her for my wedding cake topper from 6 yrs ago. She convo'd me back a personal thank you! It was like writing a letter to your favorite celebrity and getting a REAL letter back, not just a spewed out fanmail autographed glossy! So big deal, at least to me!

I also submitted some photos to Craftgawker http://www.craftgawker.com/ . I have been dying to do this and I finally got around to it. When you submit your craft photos, they accept or reject with explanation of what's wrong with your photo. I haven't gotten a yeah or nay yet, but I did check my email before blogging this morning just in case! Undoubtedly I'll be keeping you posted.

The rest of the day was pretty much spent cleaning and sanitizing my house as we are all finally finished being sick, and brainstorming about Halloween. I think I may make some capes for the family, since I am jealous of the bday gift I sent my nephew. (See previous post) The Super Taylors. Yah! That's how you know you gave a great gift, right?
The photo above is from Halloween last year, I made the little avocado costume "The Avocostume". We were going to do another fruit or veggie this year, but my farmer overalls no longer fit! (You know you're at the end of your pregnancy when you have outgrown your OVERALLS!!!) Hope you are all getting geared up for Halloween, I'll be reading tons of blogs to see what the rest of the crafters out there are up to!


  1. ooh, cool..i've never heard of craftgawker! fun stuff.

    psst...your first link didn't work, cause you have a typo ;)

  2. what you've never heard of Graftgawker either? lol! Thanks! Fixing now! :)

  3. http://theforgottenbrush.blogspot.com/2009/09/whats-in-your-photo-album.html

    I went ahead and tagged you, too! I'm interested to see YOUR photo and story. :)

  4. thanks for sending the link! I'll do it as tonight's post! :)