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Friday, September 4, 2009

No Polyfil in sight

My awesome husband will be gone for a week, so today on his day off, he said he'd watch the kid all day while I ventured out and floated around the library and shopped at some craft stores. I have been out of polyfil and really need some to finish my skunks. I leisurely visited the library, awesome, then went to Joanne Fabric, they open Sep 11, so I went to Hancock, they are out of the big box of Polyfil, I'll have to check later in the week.

I looked at my pathetic self, wearing ill fitting workout gear that is at least comfortable in the heat, since all my materninty clothes are Fall/Winter. I was sweaty, and I felt dumpy frumpy. I went to the nearby TJmaxx, no maternity, Stein Mart, same. My car drove back to where I started, the library adjacent mall. Of course they had a motherhood maternity, yay!

I only needed a pair of shorts that were cute enough to wear outside of the house, and a few cute tops that covered my belly and backside. Maybe some pants that did the same. I left there with an entire wardrobe, down to the bra. I put back my debit card and pulled out the credit card.

Absolutely no remorse whatsover. I haven't felt this cute in months! :) (this picture is from back then, I have progressed quite a bit!) Lesson: even in today's economy, sometimes it is OK to splurge on necessities!

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  1. Sometimes, you have to splurge on yourself to keep your sanity. Yay for you, I say.