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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Before and After and the Attack of the Lazies!

For fun and for lack of recent pictures to add, I have included these photos of where we were, and where we are now. The beach picture is Christmas Day last year, about a month before I got pregnant. (Yep, Christmas in a tank top, that is Charleston, at the Isle of Palms!) We will call that the BEFORE picture. Immediately afterward, with a positive pregnancy test and a commitment by my husband to grow a baby beard (he stopped shaving the day the line turned double!) we all started to change. It is September now, and the "after" pictures pretty much spell it out!!! The husband will shave upon the arrival of the new bundle of joy, due in 6 weeks! And I certainly wish the shape of myself would change back so easily, but you may have to give me a couple more months!
So onto the topic of procrastination. Yes, I have been bitten by the "Lazy Bug" and horribly infected. Here are the ways in which I slack: (you can skip this list and keep reading, no one really cares what I'm putting off, right?)
  • not keeping up with my blogging "post a day" commitment
  • unfinished (unstarted) curtains for the babies' room, purchased material two weeks ago
  • many many skunks on the back burner needing to be made for the Albino Skunkfest that is in one month! I know I need polyfil, but that doesn't keep me from doing all the sewing up to the stuffing stage!
  • unfinished (unstarted) Halloween costumes for the family, bought material this past weekend
  • unposted pics, I need to add to etsy! Isn't it all about new listings? I have the pictures downloaded from the camera already!

So, you see, I am really letting it pile up. I have been blaming my laziness on a host of things. Firstly, that darn bug really bit me! I was sick and I slowed way down while we all got over a (minor) cold. Then there is this pregnancy, I am due very soon. I am busy with the kid, have new duties with my Mommy Club (I am now assistant organizer!), and um,,, I'm sure I have more reasons, if you just give me some more time to think about it! None of these excuses really hold any water, to tell you the truth.

As I told my friends on My Craft Corner this morning, the first step to getting over a bout of massive procrastination is to admit publicly that you have a problem. I may be big on laziness, but I am even bigger on accountability! So now that I have officially put it out there, I am publicly accountable for getting my butt in gear! Happy crafting, blogging, and reading everyone, and may you avoid all contact with the lazy virus this season!


  1. I think you've earned some lazy time, lady! Do a little each day? Does that work for you? I'm such a working psycho that I could use a little lazy bug.

  2. Thanks Mab! I am so all-or-nothing, my husband thinks it's really cute (raised eyebrows) cute? crazy? what's the difference? See the post from later today, my laziness paid off! :) I am working on the balance thing, a little each day, good, I like that, I can do that!

  3. I think I caught the lazy bug today! Well, I have done some stuff - just not enough!!