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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a thing for tutus

I have a thing for tutus, and I don't care to limit them to only the young, but also the young old farts. It seems with my expansion of "Stars and Robots" into "Union Britt" I have been working predominantly on women's clothing and accesories.

But wait, I still make all these groovy stuffed pillows and things for kids! Hmmm... How to link the two?

So my new direction came to me late lastnight, and I've decided that my mission is:

Taking Mother/Daughter Wear to the Inspirational Edge.

Yes, that's it. So instead of making a smaller duplicate of the same item, I am going to take the fabrics and make something for Mom, something for babygirl, but not a twin set. For instance, I have this beautiful multicolor patterned vintage fabric, sheer as lace. For Mom, I am making a beach skirt which is stretch jersey in black on the top and the sheer fabric for the skirt. For baby, the sheer fabric will be the tutu ruffles on an acid wash denim base. Oh yes, that is what's happening.

Here are some fabrics:

I do still want to continue making clothing for adults, and a lot of the time, that's all I want to do. Not just for moms, but women, girls, men, dudes, chicas, whatever. But give up my Stars and my Robots, which started this whole love affair with etsy and craft fairs, blogging and tweeting, and opened the door to so much more? Naw. No, no way. The Polyfil in me runs deeeeep.

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