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Sunday, May 15, 2011

How to be a Muse

In fashion, you often hear about a designer using a collection to "tell a story." They should make this collection for a particular woman and her lifestyle. What does this woman do? Where is she going? Everyone should want to be her. I am of course basing this in depth knowledge of the fashion world on my extensive study of Project Runway, some podcasts and blogs, and The Fashion Police. I am obviously well schooled, so you should consider any information given here to be amazingly accurate.

Designers have also been known to find a muse. a particular woman, usually a model, who embodies the properties of this fantasy woman whom we would all like to be. And thus begins my tale of how I found my muse. (Facebook, of course)

I majored in Theatre Arts at ECU, then moved to Wilmington, NC to pursue acting using a stage name. I moved out to Hawaii for a bit then ended up in South Carolina. I now am a mother of two in Alabama. Living the dream. I never made it to LA or NY, but via Facebook, I found an old friend who did.

Christy and I did every musical together. She was the coolest girl I knew, and we were super BFFey. Of all the friends I lost touch with, she was the most sorely missed. (Kids, there used to not be email or social networking sites, it was a cold dark terrifying time)

Fast forward fill-in-the-blank years, and I found her on facebook. Yay! It was a beautiful reunion, phone call and all, and I vow never to lose touch again. So Christy moved to New York after graduation, where she held down such exotic jobs as hostess at Planet Hollywood and waitress/performer on a dinner cruise ship. She now lives in LA (actually, on Venice Beach or some beach) where she is an official failed actress (she went on real auditions for years sent out by a real agent and really got called back and almost got a bunch of parts) and has settled into her life as a professional dogwalker http://www.walkindoggies.com/. She works out at Gold's Gym, is covered in tatoos with her cute never ending array of awesome hairdos (yay! that never changed!) and is a Lindy-hopping, karaoke singing fool.

This my friends, is what I personally call "making it." If you don't want to be this girl, then my clothes are not for you. I immediately got a haircut (they only gave me half of what I wanted, I guess they wanted to babystep me from Soccer Mom to awesome fashion designer, grr.) made a meeting with a good friend to help me with a business plan, designed an awesome logo then paid a guy to make it purty, and bought some domain names and started designing my new collection to launch my line.

I have a houseful of fabric and am starting the first pieces. I am hoping to do a live launch party to coincide with a website launch. I am spending my life savings and have no idea what I am doing, but I am thrilled to finally be doing something that lives up to my last known whereabouts according to Christy and my other Theatre-alum long losties. Whenever asked "What ever happend to Brittany?" For all these years all they had to go on was "Last I heard, she changed her name to Winifred and moved to Hawaii." Awesome.

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