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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

first prototype: skirt

After a few tweaks and resizings, here it is: the finished beach skirt prototype. I designed this to be easy, but chic. As everyday as a t-shirt, but elevated. Yes, I know it is a cliche, but it is the ultimate in fashionable function.

The woman I design for needs this. Here I am at the park. I just finished a workout at the gym, and then threw this on over my tights so I could take the kids to the botanical garden next door and feed the ducks. You want to look cute, not sweaty. And no matter how fit you are, there are some looks which are only acceptable at the gym. Outside, I prefer a little modesty. (Not too much, obviously, because it is sheer!)

I threw it in my gym bag, partially unsure of how cute it REALLY was outside the comfort of my home, and gave myself no other options. A true test run. I was so happy and comfortable at the park. We hiked, danced, rolled around in grass. And I felt like I looked both fabulous and sporty. A renaissance Mom.

The next day, I threw it in the beach bag and wore it over a bathing suit. Super cute. When I got out of the water and was leaving, I didn't want to get my shirt wet so I pulled it up across my chest like a babydoll dress and it was pretty cute like that, too. (This was only for the walk from the lake back to my friends house the next block over, see previous post on the appropriate usage of see through clothing!)

I wish I took better pictures, but here are a few angles, I hope you catch the gist of the design. Please add any comments, for I have not yet started the "production line." There is still time for a few more tweaks. I have a few special orders to complete, and a good many more prototypes to build, logo t-shirts to order, tanks and tees to applique, and a photographer to find. Oh, then there's building the website. Hopefully, I will find a Dr. soon who will write me a prescription for ritalin or whatever it is the kids are taking these days to get their heads in gear.

Tune in here for more updates on my adventure to Craft SuperHeroism!

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