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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Identity: Craft Superhero in the making

Ok, so I am deciding that the point of this blog is going to be following me on my adventures toward Craft Superheroism. I just started my assembly line of Skunk neck pillows yesterday, and with naps and interuptions, I have been getting in 45 minute bursts. I have devised a way to "clock in" and "clock out" so that I can try again to figure out how to pay myself for my time. I have a friend who is training for the Olympics in Summer 2012, and she is raising funds for going to Nationals. So, I am going to sell the skunks at the Albino Skunk Bluegrass Festival at her booth, where she will get $5 a skunk, I am selling them for $20. I am also going to make some fabric postcards and sell those for a dollar, all proceeds to Skyla (my little fencing champion). I'll throw in some Stars and Robots to the mix as well.

My main craft focus, other than continuing my skunk assemblage, is to find that daggone camera cord! My one year old thinks it is funny to hide things around the house, and he's done an excellent job this time! I'll probably be going off to buy a new one, and find ours as soon as I get home. (That's what happened to my cancelled credit cards after abandoning search)

Look forward to seeing more pictures and a much more pimped out page, I'm getting a little help from some blogging friends on that, but as for now, it is NOT nap time, and Lincoln has a pen heading towards a wall...

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