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Friday, July 31, 2009

New Blog, Starting out

Hi! I am Stars and Robots, I have a site on etsy where I sell strange and unusual stuffed pillows. They aren't really that strange, they are just things I like and my one year old likes. Lots of my grownup friends like them too. I am trying to get into online marketing, aka trying to hawk my stuff! I've never blogged, I hope no one has to read this boring first time practice blog, but if you do, go check out my Stars, Robots, Skunks, and baby clothes at www.StarsandRobots.etsy.com. I have been selling away, but with trial and error, I am trying to keep myself in the black. After earnings up and over $300, (EXCITING!) I added up my expenses and really only made $30. (deflation sound) Since then I have gone out and racked up another huge toll of supplies, mostly canvas for my skunk line. But not to despair! I have plenty of stock to sell, and ideas to roll out new items. I just need to get the word out and as soon as I find the USB cord/charger for my camera, get some better pictures going! We have just moved to a new city so I have to start over getting a local interest going and soon I will be trying to get some store placement. (Yikes!) Somewhere in all of this, I should probably start working on that small business license. I don't think it's illegal until you start making a real profit though, so no sweat. Off to find my camera cord!!!

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