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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pics need some TLC


I just had the best shower ever when my little man went down for his nap, and I am running on my first 8hr sleep in weeks. Think I'll take this recoup a little further and not do the laundry or vaccumm. It's not that bad, I just vaccummed three days ago. (and we were gone one of those days!)

My new stance on improving sales on my etsy site is that I need to get some new pictures up for my items. I have yet to locate my camera cord, so I am going to go buy one today. (It will of course, turn up as soon as I open the packaging and toss my reciept!)

So I'll keep this brief and post a few pics of the items I need to recapture to make them oh so catchy. I also cannot wait to take a picture of the new tree wall decal I bought from BubbaandDoodle on etsy for my son's room. It is fantastic! I have a new obsession with Vinyl wall decals, they are all over etsy and I like BubbaandDoodle the best! You can spend days looking at decals, they are great for renters, wall art with no paint, easily removable when you leave!


  1. The laundry and vacuum can wait!!
    Enjoy your day, and just spend it working on the Etsy related things you want to!

  2. it is so much easier to do just that now that I've been given official permission! :)