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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Feng Shui and a new sale

Ok, so far I have spent about 6 hours on my assembly line of 11 skunks, and I am feeling like I may be half, or a little over halfway there. This will hopefully add up to about an hour a skunk, and after paying for supplies, I might actually make $10 an hour in labor! Of course, none of the hours I spend online networking and posting, none of the driving to the PO, fabric stores, etc...(the list is endless) will count in this "labor cost." (Yet!) Enough of the math portion of this blog.

I was talking to a friend of mine who does another blog, and we were talking about using Feng Shui to bring in money. We have both done it successfully in the past, working on that back left corner of the house from the front door, adding purple and fresh greenery (live plants) and stopping up all the drains in the house and shutting toilet lids and closing bathroom doors. The usual. So as I was about to hang up after our in depth conversation, up popped an email, "Whoah! I just made a sale!" So my faith in the ancient Chinese Art of Wind Water movement is renewed. I sold three stars to a perfect stranger, awesome.

I have found that the more I blog, and especially, get active commenting and posting on etsy articles and forums, my activity level goes up. It is just nice to see it actually PAYING off.

So if you need money, get some Feng Shui action going on, and if you have money, go buy some stuff on etsy! ( I actually bought a bracelet while I was on the site to check on my order, it's good Karma!)
Enjoy the picture of my little man amongst my Star inventory!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I just finished adding some links. Glad the babes are in bed!
    Congratulations on your glorious sale and I see many sales in your immediate future.

  2. Really, how could you not be selling your stuff all day long? The kiddies LOVE them. Ella chewed on her star for over an hour tonight.