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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New respect for photographers!

Whew! I spent today doing photo reshoot experiments for my etsy products. I have been on the etsy site doing research on the Storque, in the blogs, convoing with other etsians whose pics I admire, I even got some books at the library. I was ready!
I set up in my bathroom under a heat lamp, the kind they have in hotel rooms that gives a pretty sunlight look. I experimented with different backgrounds and camera settings, but my camera has very few options, it's a digital made for people like me, who don't know how to take pictures, so there really aren't any optional settings, just alot of different scene options, preset. (Y'know, landscape, close up, bright light, snow, beach, children in motion...)

I am not a photographer.

Here are some of my best attempts, I only tried two objects, a star and a robot, so I could get the right look before dragging my whole inventory into it!!!
I used fabric, a towel, and a shag rug under the heat lamp, some with flash, some not. Now if I only knew which settings I used for which pictures?

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  1. i really like the last one of the star...looks like you are having alot of fun!